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Deora | Coke Studio Bangla | Pritom Hasan

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#Deora is a song sung by boatsmen for rhythm and energy during Nouka Baich – a traditional boat race, popular in the northern parts of Bangladesh and held during the Monsoon and Autumn seasons. The banks of Bangladesh explode with festivities in this time and Deora celebrates those ‘Mela’ across ‘The Land of the Rivers’.

The mix of folk genres like ’Shaari Gaan’, usually associated with physical labor, and ‘Jaag Gaan’ known for its motivational lyrics – the perfect combination for a sport that requires the participants to have quick bursts of intense energy for rowing their boat across the finishing line. Reflecting the vitality of the lyrics written by a boat racer Fazlu Majhi himself.

Pritom pays his ode to these colorful genres in his opening lines for the song. He is joined by the Ghaashphoring Choir, collaborating to create a fresh new sound for the young listeners of the music crazy nation.

The cherry on top is the immaculate performance by Islam Uddin Palakar. A pioneer in the genre of ‘Pala Gaan’ a folk performance that is inherited. The rich heritage of this genre usually requires elaborative theatrical performances where the actor takes in multiple roles – sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, and sometimes an inanimate object – to present stories to their audience. These performances can take up to 8 hours without a break. Deora tries to cement the different genres that make up the #RealMagic sound of Bangladesh with a new sound.

Listen on Spotify:

Produced & Curated by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob
Music Composed and Produced by @PritomHasan
Deora Written by Pritom Hasan, Fazlu Majhi
Choir arrangement: Pritom Hasan & Armeen Musa
Mixed and Mastered by Pritom Hasan

Pritom Hasan: Vocals
Islam Uddin Palakar: Vocals
Fazlu Majhi and Team: Vocals
Ripon Kumar Sarker: Vocals, Khamak
Animes Roy: Vocals, Shaker
Pradyut Chatterjea: Piano & Synth
Imran Ahmed: Electric Guitar
Resalat Rasheed: Bass Guitar
Mithun Chakra: Percussion
Md. Mobarak Hossain: Percussion
Salahuddin Mahmud: Harmonium
Wadid Mahmood: Electronic Drums
Shuvendu Das Shuvo: Mandolin
Nazrul Islam: Dhol
Ghaashphoring Choir:
Soloists: Ariba Tahrim Chaudhury, Sadia Seraj Saba
Bass: Omar Bin Parvez, Muhammad Tahmid Hussain Sumit
Alto: Armeen Musa, Atkia Sadia Rahman
Tenor: Bishal Dhar Shuvo, Mahfujur Rahman Shishir, Moinak Kanungo, Nandanangshu Purkayastha Dhrubo, Rashik Riasat
Soprano: Farah Mehnaz, Noor E Rezia Momo, Scionara Shehry
Choreography by Armeen Musa, additional choreography by Riaduzzaman Ridoy and Muhammad Tahmid Hussain Sumit

Creative Producer: Syed Gousul Alam Shaon
Project Lead: Jihad Bin Tahzeeb
Creative Lead: Mehedi Hasan Ansari & Jaiyyanul Huq
Strategy Lead: Bitop Das Gupta
Art Lead: Ahsan Ullah
Project Supervisor: Martuza Jalal Antick
Art Supervisor: Mijan Islam
Servicing & Digital: Farsina Rahman
Art: Alefun Naher, Al Nasir
Copywriter: Kazuki Kunimoto
Planning: Naimul Hoque, Nakibur Rahman

Live Audio Engineer: Zakir Hossain
Recording Engineer: Victor Tiash Das
Monitor & System Engineer: Shafayat Faisal Nahid
Assistant: Jamal Hossain, Atikul islam
Recording Assistant: Ifte Khairul Alam
Head of Audio: Faizan Rashid Ahmad
Voiceover: Armeen Musa

Project Coordinator & Co-Producer: Shamsur Rahman Alvi
Artist Manager: Amit Pramanik
Copyright Co-ordination: Zooel Morshed

Director: Krishnendu Chattopadhyay
Director of Photography: Kamrul H. Khosru
Co-Producer: Rumel Chowdhury
Assistant Producer: Shibbir Ahmed Shawon
Line Producer: Sobahan Naim
Asst. Line Producer: Zannatul Zaman Eshi, Tamjid Tonmoy
Cinematographers: Ishtiaque Hossain Pablo, Abdul Mamun, Shohag Chowdhury, Tanveer Ahmed Shovon, Anik Rahman
Team Co-ordinator: Qazi Rahat
Chief Assistant Director: Sreejan Halder
Assistant Directors: Tarek Mahmud Shumon, Nahian khan, Azeezul Hakim Zarif, Biplob Yousuf
Set Designer: Shadab Zafar
Art Director: Razim Ahmed
Asst. Art Director: Ashik Ali Jacky, Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury Munna
Artist Appearance Team: Nuzhat Khan, Didarul Dipu, Nusrat Srabony
Editor: Sazal Alok
Asst. Editor: Abu Ihsan Rafi
Grade: Vayshak Shiva
Post-production Supervisor: Nazmul Ibne Azam
Online Switching Team: Sharafat Prithu, Drohi R., Sinjoy Saha (Ecube Inc.)
CGI: Team Platform
Artist Co-ordinator: Troyee Islam, P. Joana
Other Videos Director: Asad Borhan
Event team: Communicators
Armeen Musa: Tresy Chic and Armeen Musa
Soloists: Ghaashphoring
Choir & House Band: Shatkahon
Makeover: Makeover finesse by Farhana Chaity
Light Designer: Shailesh Kalwar
Associate Light Designer: Ridwaan Ahmed
Light Gaffer: MD Faruq Hossain
TV Media Partner: Deepto Television (Kazi Media Limited)
Telco Partner: Grameenphone
Audio Streaming Partner: Spotify
Digital Distribution partner: Qinetic Music
Subtitle: Srabanti Datta
Photographer: Zia Uddin, Raw Xposure

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